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Phenomenal Music Series

I met Caleigh Drane about a year ago. She had invited Resilience of the Intelligent (R.O.T.I) to play her "Phenomenal Women" festival at National Sawdust. Not only was the event incredible sonically, it was also a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. I was appreciative of the intention behind the scope of the vision, as well as the presentation. There was a diverse lense of music and musical backgrounds represented for our equally yoked desire for gender equality.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago this year, Caleigh and I chatted a bit about the current state of America. She informed me that she was now taking her platform a step further to have discussions with artists that she admired. Me being a fan of her work as well, I was more than honored to be her first guest for this endeavor.

During this IG Live Broadcast, we got to discuss some really pertain topics from allyship to Black Lives Matter to our impact as artists during these perilous times.

It is my sincere belief that awareness is the first step to realizing change... and art brings awareness.

Caleigh's Phenomenal Music Series can be heard live via her instagram page weekly with various artists. If you'd like to hear our discussion please check out:

Part 1

Part 2

Also, Caleigh is such an amazing musician, I've been vibing out to her latest work elletro. Please do check out her series. And I encourage each of you all to have your own discussions with friends, family, loved ones and fellow creators. <3

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