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Diary of a Mad Black DJ: 302 Who's the Queen of Rap?

Dear Diary,

The gworls are coming for the throne...

"When I first started rhyming, I used a moniker called 'Queen of the Queendom' (in addition to L is for Love)." I have to attribute the idea to TIP, and if you knew me in the early 2000's you know that Trap Muzik got an unhealthy amount of replays in my 2002 Ford Explorer sport.

As the self-proclaimed "King of the South", Tip was met with a lot of backlash- namely from then rival Lil Flip. Ultimately, I understood what TI was wanting to convey. By further expanding the declaration from Andre 3000 at the Source Awards, the "Jay-Z of the South" just wanted the industry to know that the same way the Eastcoast and Westcoast had their respective "Kings of Hip Hop", so did the South.

With that idea in mind, I've always believed that there was more than one "Queen of Hip Hop. Whenever asked for a favorite emcee- I'd always offer Lauren, Lyte and Latifah (the holy trinity of L's- GO L!!!)

As much as our male counterparts try to pin us against each other for their own patriarchal gains, I fully believed that "queendom" implied multiple thrones (not just one First Lady).

Fast forward almost 20 years. Here we are with the biggest bash of the QUEENDOMS- the Hotties vs. the Barbs. We haven't seen infamy like this since Roxanne Shante and The Real Roxanne. It's reminiscent of Queen Latifah vs. Foxy Brown, Kim vs. Fox, or MC Lyte vs Antoinette. The hip hop critics are weighing in and for once, the men are silent- well almost...(it looks like Elon Musk is getting his wish). Because even with two of hip hop's largest female figures at the height of their battle (which not even Eminem could get a word in) somehow, someway a white supremacist, a homophobe and a misogynist found their way into Apple's #1 Hip Hop slot- (and yes, there are only two people on the song, but the third persona is there to represent the white male fragility oozing out of this record.)

Kid Fury does a wonderful cover read of both songs(dare I say that topped Gilbert Gottfried's (r.i.p.) masterful reading of W.A.P.). This is a Megan "stan" account, so I don't need to say who I believe won. I love queen Barb, but it's hard for me to take her response to Meg serious after I've heard the potential of her pen on "Monster". Once you own every man in hip hop at the top of their game and show us what you're capable of only to drop this "response"; I can't even...

But here are the facts- northern rappers have been trying to "son" southern rappers since the dawn of hip hop- however, sometimes in a battle the truth is what hurts and only a "hit dog gone holla". Megan thee Stallion's record was superior, not only because she lead with facts, but also because she left the mic on the stage once she was done.

To add insult to injury, Nicki is and has been her own worst enemy for years- using outdated tactics of slut shaming another woman, misogyny and excusing rapistpedolester behavior by not only double down but also vocally supporting the myriad of men in her corner just further substantiates why she is merely the Queen of Queens, and not the Queen of Hip Hop. (Well, she definitely not the Queen of the South.)

But titles are temporary. Yet this feud will be legendary. The Hotties vs. Hip Hop definitely left the Stallion with a victory as she rides off into the sunset with the pride of BBL-Jimmy-Brooks, Tory Lamez, Pandering Pardi, and whoever else got hit with those strays, laced to her saddle forever.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS...ladies, I don't care what they say about you, how much they doubt you, or how much the odds are stacked against you...ALWAYS, keep your foot on their neck, sis!!!

Ultimately, it's good for sport, I love seeing women in multiple spots on the charts; but secretly I love a good sister collab more!

L is for Love,

Fay <3


Before you go, some Black Excellence...



I'm returning to Joe's Pub on April 1, 2024, with the homie Robyn Hood (aka Miriam Hyman). You know my girl Miriam as Dre from The Chi (or you've seen her in Power, Blue Bloods, etc). Did you know she was a dope emcee, too!!! Come hang in NYC with us and her label Truth Tellers Productions.

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