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Diary of a Mad Black DJ: 223 A GAY DAY IN HARLEM

It's PRIDE weekend and it's A GAY DAY IN HARLEM!!!!

That's right New York City- I'm taking over the airwaves of WBAI 99.5, WHCR 90.3, Rhythm and Soul Radio and Flavor 99 courtesy of THE HARLEM CONNECTION RADIO SHOW (follow here) all to kick off Pride weekend.

Sometimes you have to come out more than once, and that has been the case for me since moving back home to South Carolina, but still working and spending a considerable amount of my time in my second home, NYC.

It's been a reading rainbow.

🗣 I've had to be the ONE voice in the room when someone is being misgendered, I've had to choose my grace over my wrath when family members try to talk to me crazy and I've had to laugh off and politely correct the disrespect that bisexual women face on a daily basis as a black woman (since we are oversexualized from birth). While it's tiring AF... I'm still going into this weekend with JOY because it's a JOYBRATION!!!! 🫶🏾🧚‍♀️🌻

I love the month of June (and August...and the intersection of Black History Month and Women's History Month).

I'm a BLACK WOMAN before anything- so I celebrate June as BLACK MUSIC MONTH✊🏾, and FREEDOM DAY 🏴(all month long) and then after that I am QUEER🏳️‍🌈, so I am CELEBRATING pride (I heard that we are reclaiming the alphabet is forever evolving 😍) .

With that I will be on WBAI 99.5 FM tonight 10PM as a guest conductor on The Harlem Connection radio show tune in on the radio if you're in New York City (also, it'll be online: Thank you to my big brother from another The LAW, #HarlemPride and #HarlemSage!

I say the names of the elders and ancestors that made this possible from Sappho to Josephine to Barbara Jordan to Bessie Smith to Ma Rainey to Moms Mabley to Zora Neale to Gladys Bentley to Audre Lorde to Stormé DeLarverie to Marsha P Johnson.

Today, we are going to celebrate the brave BLACK folks that came out BEFORE we even had an alphabet, agency or language!!! That's number one.

Then we're going to talk about MYTHS about Gay Folks in the Black Community. I'm going to directly address questions like:

What does the P stand for in the LGBTQAI+ alphabet?

Can I be gay and be a Christian?

If a cis-straight man dates a trans woman is he "gay"?

Is the Gay Agenda real?

Tune in at 10PM to 99.5FM and find out my takes and more!

BET's B-Boy Blues star Bry'Nt will be making an appearance and Harlem's own Kenny Boi. (You can see the both perform with DAI BURGER at Banjee Boombox: A Hip Hop 50th Celebration this August).

A time will be had and tea will be spilt.

<3 L is for love

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