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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 203: 5 Women DJs You Should Know...

In Celebration of National DJ Day, I hope that you will revisit my HipNOTT released song "Illfayted" produced by 2 Hungry Bros and starring DJ Evil.

Outside of that, I am most excited about the launch of the Mthrshp courtesy of UMEZ and LMCC! This party and event is all about black femme futures- femme identified energy, djs and movements. I was happy to launch it during 2020 and see the in real life event bloom in 2021. See the recap below:

*The Mthrshp is now booking for PRIDE 2022(June-Aug).

And in that vein, for #NationalDJDay, I wanted to share. 5 Women DJs that you should know! Two, I was lucky to have at the event but as the project grows, I hope to have more. Please like, follow and subscribe to these power houses!

DJ Mary Mac

DJ Taela Naomi

DJ Honey Dijon

DJ Jasmine Solano

DJ Nicole Sky

Honorary Mention:

DJ Diamond Kuts

DJ Natasha Diggs

The MTHRSHP VIBES stay tuned for this summer!

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