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Likwuid is dope because she can rap circles around most of everyone’s favorite rappers. But she also has a good ear for beats and melodies, so her songs always flow (no pun intended) and make for good iPod material. The latest ... -Starrene Rhett Rocque 

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It would be oversimplifying to say that "Fay Grim" is a rap album from a woman with a strong voice who isn't afraid to use it. This is also a conceptual album where Fay is at times both hero and anti-hero, an alter ego of sorts for Likwuid, and possibly even inspired by the film of the same name starring Parker Posey (which I confess I have not seen). There's definitely a movie-esque feel ...

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Sick and tired of your typical, cliché-ridden breakup jams? Then LiKWUiD's first Booth feature will be a Sight for Sore Eyes--or, as the case may be, a sound for sore ears. On this freshly-minted EP single, Bassi Maestro's leisurely sample work bands...

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LiKWUiD up close and personal with The Source Magazine following her SOB's debut at GhettoMetal hosted by Bazaar Royale... -  Staff Writer

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Always show love and respect to the DJ
January 20th was National DJ Day. To celebrate the occasion, New York City rapper LiKWUiD dropped a video for her latest single “Illfayted,” which features 2 Hungry Bros. and DJ Evil Dee.

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I think this is an important time to be vocal and present. This is a time where everyone is speaking out on what they believe, so to sit silent is detrimental to your own character, but also for those that don’t have a voice...

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