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Hip Hop & Comics

Hip-Hop and comics cultures exist in constant communication: continually namehecking and reflecting each other, trading ideas back and forth, and sharing many common inspirations and influences. Both forms reconfigure existing elements to create vital new works; utilize bold imagery and complex storytelling; and form passionate fandoms around their characters and personalities. Here, curator and historian Patrick A. Reed (Depth Of Field Productions, presents a "visual mixtape" with an all-star cast of musicians, comic creators, and visual artists discussing the cross-generational impacts of these cultural crossovers. Panelists include

Pharoahe Monch (, Johnny "Juice" Rosado (, Vita Ayala (, Danny Lore (, DJ Nu-Mark (, Marc 7 (, Mega Ran (, Christopher "Play" Martin (, Adam Wallenta (, Kenny Keil (, LiKWUiD (, James Reitano (, David F. Walker (, Ronald Wimberly (, Murs (, MC Esoteric (, Erin Yoshi (, Gloria "Glow" Muriel (, P.So The Earthtone King (, and Turner Lange (

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