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Herstory 1.0

In full transparency, I've been having trouble navigating this time. These discussions are stated to be healing spaces but at some moments I'm not sure if these spaces are healing for my audience or for myself. I think that ideas provoke thought; thought provokes conversation; conversation inspires action and action produces change.

As stated in Earthseed: Book of the living- "All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change."

I did a talk with some friends and this is a snapshot of some of the topics that we discussed. This virtual panel features Bae Sade (LGBTQ Activist, Entrepreneur, Creative Director), Jewel the Gem (Culture Conductor, Ratchet Realm Revolutionary, Host & Artivist), Shanee Benjamin (Illustrator, Creative Director, Animator), Obeah the Music (Singer, Host, Songwriter, Radio Personality) and Kim Crichlow (Photographer, Entrepreneur).

We discussed voting, BLM, qualified immunity, intersectionality within the revolution amongst other things.

Hope you dig it, hope you're registered to vote. The next talk is October 14.

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