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Have a Happy Player's Ball Y'ALL!!!


I hope that your holiday season is filled with cheer.

I hope that you hold your loved ones closer.

I hope that every wish, positive thought and affirmation comes to fruition.

I hope that life and abundance flow throughout your body to your very core.

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. (Actually, Halloween into New Years to be more specific.) I love the snow, I love the good cheer, I love the honest efforts of folks to be a little more kind, a little more loving and a little more hopeful even if it isn't their own religious holiday.

For 10 years, my partner was Muslim; and she LOVED CHRISTMAS almost as much, if not more than me. I remember one year she insisted that we get a Christmas tree; she was so excited as she led the charge to find any tree left on the Eve of Christmas in the secluded neighborhood of Inwood. As you can imagine our New York apartment (at that time) was the size of a shoe box; so we got one of the really small mini tree and decorated it with every light, bell and tiny star that would fit. We baked cookies and had a nice dinner - I don't even remember if we exchanged presents. But it was one of the best Christmases ever!

As a child, my mom would pack up my sister and I and take us to Georgetown to Grandma Flossie's. My aunts and uncles would all come in town from near and far...Tulsa, OK; Memphis, TN; Flint, Michigan; New York City; sometimes my uncle would come all the way from Germany...all to spend that special time together. Hanging with my cousins was BOSS!!!! We had a blast every year. There wasn't much snow in South Carolina during the winter, we were lucky to get sleet to be honest; but the warmth of family cheer, good food and memories was just as comforting.

This Christmas feels a bit different-huh? We're all older now with families of our own. We're on the heels of one of the most tumultuous times in history- this is our 1968!!! Yet; I am still comforted with the thought of tomorrow. I am just as thankful and hopeful - if not more than when I was a child.

As we blast off into 2021 into the Age of Aquarius and as your super powers ignite (LOL); I want to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season for whatever you celebrate and whom ever you pray to...may the ancestors be with you. Here is a little bit of soulful Chri'Mas Cheer for your holiday

My favorite Christmas trivia add is that the legendary bop "Player's Ball" from Outkast's debut album was actually a Christmas song. It makes for a great ice breaker/conversation boost once your woke cousin tries to sprinkle "this a pagan holiday" in everyone's eggnog.

PRESS PLAY: Now, I'm here to tell you there's a better day. When the Player's Ball is happening ALL DAY ERY'DAY!

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