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Diary of a Mad Black DJ: Age of Aquarius

#DOAMBlackDJ Birthday Edition

Everyone keeps asking me my age. The truth is, I decided on my 25th birthday that I would stop counting. So, I've celebrated my 28th birthday several times (it's a mnemonic for the 27 Club); and I've celebrated 30 a couple times- just because it's such a good number. However, this year, today, I'm celebrating my actual- real birthday. The real number. I've been blessed enough to see another day and another year- that hits different after 2020.

Caption: Lady Faybeo'n of Harlem. First of her name. The Duchess, the Dame. Southern Belle of Carolina. Council for the Coven.

(Btw, I'm dropping a song today as well!)

This birthday is particularly special because we are now officially in the Age of Aquarius. As an Aquarius, I'm not even fully sure of all of the awakenings and promises for this new era; however, I'm very happy that Ms. Pisces made her way on thru, honey! And what I do know is that there will be a massive wave of "we" mentality instead of "I" mentality. I am definitely looking forward to that.

With the changeover of power in our country's highest office and so many historical first, I do feel like the tides are gradually changing. (And I love watching it happen in my Converse and Pearls!)

Maybe that's why I've been in such a reflective state lately. I've been really questioning my WHY. (I've made it through my existential moment- thank goodness.) However, I'm revisiting my "intention" frequency.

Motivational speaker Simon Sinek did an insightful Ted Talk on starting with your "WHY". It was especially relevant to me because I watched this video around the same time that I made my annual visit to hear my favorite Dr. King speech. It's all relevant because Sinek uses Dr. King as the perfect example of knowing your "WHY". (I must notate that million dollar companies such as Gateway and Tivo were examples of the opposite.)Dr. King believed and understood his "WHY" therefore he was able to inspire others to do the same.

For my birthday, I just wish for every person reading this post or following this journal journey to find your "WHY", or if you already know your "WHY", I invite you to revisit it as we kick off Age of the Aquarius together.

I'm here believing with you and conspiring with you. <3

And with that, I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow, I'll be playing the intermission for an event. I would implore you all to attend.

With love humans <3


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