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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 216: "These M0ther F#ckers ain't stopping me..."

First, before I dive in, I left corporate two months ago and it has felt so liberating and freeing. I've been wanting to tell you all about it, but I seriously have not had the time...

While I work on that journal, I wanted to pop in and say hello and to share those podcast marketing tips that I promised you all...if I can ever help with marketing, consultation or if you just want to have a ki ki...reach out. :)

I will also say that I am blessed to be working with beautiful BOSS tribe of women and here are a few podcasts you NEED to hear this month... Democracy-ish, WokeAF, Articles of Interest and these. Plus, for my Audible homies- download Carmen Rita Wong's Why Didn't You Tell Me.(It's a treat!!!!!)

Secondly, thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate Halloween last month...there was a lot of black and brown, queer, body positivity, genre bending, joy movement and unapologetic energy in Harlem <3. Although I'm doing my 60 days off social right now, Shoutout to my comrade CHONG (go follow him pls) for these edits and making me log back in November post to share it. lol

Thirdly, I want to give even bigger shout out to the Black owned Ten to One Rum who sponsored it all and will be sponsoring more DJ LiKWUiD happenings 2023...


Next year is 2023 and it will be the 20th anniversary of my first album Likwuidation (2003). I'm releasing a special edition compilation album of my work over the past 20 years,

AND it will be my LAST LIKWUID album.

So, if you want the details, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. <3

NOW...on to why we are here. Women are DOING THE DAMN THING.

My sister and I kept humming and mumbling the sample from Beyonce's track "I'm that Girl". And upon the request of my sister to know every single word because she knows that sis is "talking cash money sh!t in the background," I went on a quick digital dig to find the original track.

Now the words of Memphis' Princess Loko live rent free in my head. Although this record came out in 1994, it truly encompasses the spirit of City Girls' Young Miami or even a young Meg circa Tina Snow.

As a matter of fact, the rawness and authenticity of her style can still be felt today with Memphis newcomer GloRilla! Hearing a woman assert herself unapologetically on a track like that, during an era when Foxy, Kim and Lauryn dominated airwaves, but all possessed that eastcoast vibe. (I would've loved to have heard Princess Loko back in the day.)

This is her, btw. <3 <3 <3 RIP "These mother f*ckers ain't stopping me" - Princess Loko.

Speaking of giving flowers, have y'all seen the glow on Meg lately?

I'm so proud of her work. Although Tina Snow is still my favorite album, I'm happy to see her persevering with this new project. I still need to see her appearance on SNL and with Marvel's She Hulk, but I recently revisited her NY Times Op Ed piece as we approached elections this week.

"my hope is that Kamala Harris’s candidacy for vice president will usher in an era where Black women in 2020 are no longer “making history” for achieving things that should have been accomplished decades ago."

Not only is the Op Ed well written and informative- it's also right on point for 2022! As women take the stage in stadiums, political arenas and more; we continue to wow the world with our progress despite the boulders the world throws as obstacles, but we climb them as stepping stones. Take that "glass ceiling"

PS I don't care if BLM bought a house, a swimming pool, a car, a surfboard. Have you ever had a cop put a gun in your face? No? Then STFU.

I honestly think that's why the hip hop joteps are losing their minds. The gworls are gworling, honey. Drake let his lightskin show to the infinite filament this past week; and CONye continues to coon. Could it be that those that once were the bar for trendsetting now find themselves unmentioned and unimportant? It's giving "Someone please look at me!" still a "joe"...and we all know that hoes love attention.

It's gotta hurt that Drake dropped a house album that no one noticed because...well, Renaissance.

And it can't be good that while Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor and basically everyone he "mentored" are soaring and Con the Louis uncle Tom still crank calling his ex-wife.

Get over yourselves and stop hating on the gworls <3.

While we are here, I may or may not have gone on a rant about this when I chatted with the Love 1st Podcast last month. Please follow NAT (and her new album is coming soon) and K da Don (who honestly made one of the cutest 'I'm trying to holla at you' songs at a fair that I've heard in a long time.)

Download their app and follow their show- two dope individuals- trust.

Also, just to be fair, here's an actual list of black artist/activists that are not Conyes:

Killa Mike,

Yara Shahidi,

Jesse Williams,

Issa Rae,

Indya Moore,

Janelle Monae,

Harry Belafonte (the original)

I apparently couldn't escape the conversations, so I talked some more about it here (shout out Lyrics)!!!

That's all the updates that I have for now loves. Quick question..

Should I make audio versions of my written journals

  • No, but maybe add some audio addlibs

  • Yes, read me the whole thing

  • i like it as is

Random tip:

Don't forget if you left NYC in 2020, it is your duty to turn the State where you currently reside blue (or purple) by any means necessary.

<3 Fay


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