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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 215: Misogyniors, Come Out of the Closet and Free Yourself.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

If you hate black women, just say that!

I meant to repost this video a while ago, but I've been a bit busy...working, creating and living. (I will recap my trip to Dallas soon, meanwhile, save the date, I'll be in Syracuse September 23-28 with Warp Trio #BlackVoices. Save the date. Meanwhile...




This morning, I was triggered (again)...

You don’t need to see the full video

You don’t need to know the whole story

You don’t need to hear “his side”

Your eyes can see that a man went out of his way to physically assault this woman, and he did so like she was his physical equal.

Women fight for equality in so many situations. We search for justice to be treated with the same respect and reverence as our male counterparts. Yet, amazingly, the only time men seem to want to exercise their compliance with gender equality is in situations like these.

I am so tired of the physical, emotion and spiritual lynching of black women. I am tired of America always finding a way to justify the visceral assault on our minds, bodies and souls because our presence disrupts your ego. (Because we are too loud, too bold or too proud; men like this have an compulsive urge to want to "humble" us.) The repulsive desire for men like this to “teach women a lesson” or to attempt to annihilate our beings just because they’ve felt challenged has to stop.

You can’t put us “in our place”. Just because your ego is bruised and you’re not man enough to walk away does not mean that you get to abuse us. If you lacked the verbal or mental caliber to counter a dispute, and can only resort to the physical- then you’re no better than a rapist, murder or anyone else who abuses power to assert their manhood.

Lastly, for the ignorant comments:

“she put her hand in his face” or

“what if she hit him first”

All of these possible scenarios still do not excuse his behavior.

I don’t care if she hit him, cursed him out or whatever imaginary "pass" you want to create…there is no good reason for this behavior.


If you hate Black Women, just say that.

"Protect Black Women" is an action statement, not a tagline.

Stop abusing black women.

Stop assaulting black women.

We are not your punchlines and we are not your punching bags.

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