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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 212: Bulb Busting

I'm back lovhers and fraaaans...

First of all, I've missed you. But my travels have been great! I'm still creating, writing and working. June was a busy month for me and I plan to share it all when I have time to edit the adventures. In the meantime, here is a quick Harlem Juneteenth recap of me spinning at St. Nicholas Park and New Orleans Essence Fest vacay quick snap. (Quick note, I'll be in Dallas, TX Aug 23-27.)

As I've gotten older, I am finding that I'm becoming that auntie at the party constantly saying "I'm here for the young girls." "Let them have their moment!." And my favorite "I don't have to choose." For some reason, the hip hop hoteps aka the "'Teps in the Name of Love" have decided that the women folk have been too liberated lately.

For instance, take this song below, "FNF (Let's Go)"-it's the joy and the carefree energy for me. And let me be honest, it's the joy and carefree energy in the right place, at the right time. I think if someone hasn't been blessed enough actually rebuke and get rid of a f*ckboy, then they can't possibly understand the joy gems being dropped here.

Therefore, when I saw Glo and her team receiving the same ridicule that WAP received, I realized that this animosity wasn't about the song at all, and more about the distaste for women's liberation.

What's my point- women, sis, stay on they necks!!!!

I'm so tired of the mansplaining gaslighting patriarchal energy running rampid in this country today. I have a white man in my life right now, who's soul purpose has been gaslighting me anytime that we have a conversation. Little does he know, he's about 13 years too late, because after Psycho, I'm completely gaslight-proof. So, the jokes on him.

But to my friends and family out there, who may not be able to smell bullsh!t a mile a way, here are a few ways for you to know that you aren't the crazy one.

Remember "relationship" can mean co-worker, family member, girlfriend or acquaintance.



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