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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 202: The Hetero Agenda and Cancel Culture

If you Google “black women canceled” you will likely get no results. This is not because black women haven’t experienced cancel culture- it’s just that at the time there wasn’t a name for it. (Or should I say that no one cared enough to give it a term.)

As a matter of fact if you research “cancel culture” you may only be able to find articles that date as far back as 2019, maybe ‘18. And while the Salem witch trials and McCarthyism presented the type of “canceled” that actually had lasting repercussions. Modern forms of “canceled” often refer to celebrities being shamed on social media, but receiving no actual punishment. (As a matter of fact, one should fear a Nino Brown canceling more than a social media one- we didn't even see that actress for another 6 years! lol.)

The Hetero Agenda would have you believe that millions of men were jailed, banished and “canceled“ after #MeToo, but let’s be honest- after 200,000 tweets in 24 hours, with survivors bravely stepping forward for months to come, at the end of the day only about 8 people actually went to jail (And 50% of those convicted, 2 women I might add, literally ran sex cults.)

Don’t get me wrong, people were upset for a full year or so, and a few actually lost their jobs- but most companies kept those seats vacant rather than fill them with women, POC's or (I don't know) non-perverts. But the rest of these guys lived to rape again, and some even got co-signs from their favorite rapers, I mean rappers.

My favorite topic is when people call to “cancel, cancel culture“ - they are literally upset for people conversing publicly about controversial behavior- one thing is for certain, entertainers and public figures straddling the line of genius and insanity is NOT new- nor is public discussion about said behavior. The danger is when you refuse to have uncomfortable conversations. Bad people continue to do bad things, because no one is holding them accountable.

It’s like juicing a football player who’s already on steroids- I’m not even going to make the obvious metaphor here with OJ literally getting away with murder, only to continue his toxic behavior years later…but if the glove fits!

What if we “canceled” OJ, what If we canceled Weinstein back when Courtney Love tried to tell y'all, what if we canceled R Kelly when he married Aaliyah? What if we canceled Clinton? What if we actually hold men accountable?

Well next time your favorite comedian you to not cancel off brand rappers or comedians that are supposedly "canceled" but have endorsement deals by Chase Bank, just be reminded that there are several other black entertainers that deserve to be “uncanceled” - and who actually suffered damage to their careers. Here are a few:

Janet Hubert

Did you all know that the original Aunt Viv started out on Broadway and had originally been awarded a scholarship to attend Julliard. Before she was canceled by Hollywood for being "difficult" Hubert had a very promising career. While she and Will have since squashed their "beef", it doesn't go without notice that nearly 30 years of her career was lost, not because she committed any crimes against someone's person, or made defamatory remarks about any marginalized groups of people...all because she walked away from a job that was bullying her financially and socially.

Reason for being CANCELED: She walked away...gracefully.

The Cosby Show (for Phylicia, not Bill)

Y'all know how I feel about "The Williams" (Clinton and Cosby), so there is no need to rehash that. But I will say, Claire Huxtable means so much to any 80's baby's childhood... along with Rudy, Denise, Theo, Vanessa even Olivia. Their legacy should not have to be erased because of the King of Quaaludes could not control his pudding pop!

Let the record show (skip to page 47)this was NOT a conspiracy (he couldn't afford NBC if he tried), Cosby openly admitted to raping these women- and has not apologized for doing so. He should be canceled.

But the same way, I can support my girl Uma (and Vivica - who ate this scene, btw), while despising Tarantino and Weinstein, allow us the same right to vilify Bill and praise Mrs. Rashad- she carried that show anyway.

Reason for being CANCELED: William should have been name Richard, because he's actually a _ _ _ _!

Anita Hill

Fellas, imagine working in your field of choice and while still in your 30's, you are promoted to the highest office in your field. Only to have it all taken away from you because your boss felt you up. (You read that right- you didn't assault your boss, she physically assaulted you.)

Well, Anita Hill was working for the United States Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After the Clarence Thomas hearings, she was not only banished from Washington, DC, she was cast out to some college that I can't even pronounce! (She graduated with honors from Yale, btw,- that, I can pronounce.)

Reason for being CANCELED: She spoke truth to power.


Meet the Academy Award, Golden Globe winning, Emmy and Grammy nominated Queen of Comedy, hit TV show having Monique Angela Hicks. I actually met Mo'Nique during my days at Nu Dawn Entertainment. I was terrified. I was so nervous being in the presence of someone that I admired so much, that I did what I always do, made the situation awkward. (LOL).

I was supposed to bring plates to her room because the catering staff (as always forgot something). Somehow, they set up her catering, but forgot to leave her plates to eat.

After running around doing 50-11 other things, I finally had time to run the plates up to Mo'Nique's room. Of course, by that time, guess who steps on the elevator with me. The normal thing to do would be to introduce myself and say why I was heading to the same floor that was clearly marked off to her and her entourage. But nope!!! That would make too much sense.

Instead... I walked-raced Mo'Nique to her room and put the plates ON THE FLOOR. (You read correct. I was 23- and socially challenged, y'all.) Bless that woman's heart, she was probably terrified.

Anyway, even then she was graceful and didn't call hotel security on me. Lol. So I add, what Mo'Nique has accomplished in her career, rarely anyone can hold one, let alone FOUR of those accolades. Further, Black Hollywood already said privately that she did nothing wrong. Now that this is public knowledge, it's time to let this woman shine- STOP TRYING TO DIM HER LIGHT.

(She can't say it so I will- y'all some jealous hoes trying to come up off her pain.)

Receipts from Netflix:

Amy Schumer - 11M from Netflix (no Academy Award)

Dave Chappelle- 19M from Netflix (no Academy Award, No Golden Globe)

Chris Rock- 19M from Netflix (no Academy Award, No Golden Globe)

Mo'Nique- 500K (Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy nomination)

Why were they playing with this woman's money? I'm glad Amy went back and got her coin too, but the Hetero Agenda lied to us- Mo'Nique's requests were pretty in line. This is what canceled actually looks like.

Reason for being CANCELED: She asked to be paid her worth.

Hazel Scott (posthumously)

Hazel Scott is my gawdauntie in my head. I talk about her often, she is arguable one of the best musicians of modern times. What can I say, she got into Julliard...when she was 8...she was the first black American to host her own TV show, she used her influence to speak out against racial discrimination and segregation. She was in so many movies- and like Lena Horne- was very open about her Afro-Carribbean roots. She also refused to play roles such as "maids" or servants. (And she got final cut when it came to her appearance.) Many times, when she was to play a musician, she insisted on making appearances as "Hazel Scott" and not a fictional character (sorry Will, Hazel did it first).

So why have you never heard of her?

Reason for being CANCELED: She stood up for herself.

Honorable Mention:

Jesse Williams (and Shonda Rhimes)

"just because we are magic doesn't mean we're not real"- Jesse Williams <3

Remember when Caucasia tried to cancel Jesse for his BET speech?

Jussie Smollett

As a wise N.W.A once said... F*** the police.

The cops lie to us all the time- how many times can you honestly "fear for your life" when encountering an unarmed person. It's high time they got a taste of their own medicine.

You investigated, you solved the crime, no one died.

Make that man pay a fine and arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor. Also, Chicago...get your priorities together.


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