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Diary of a Mad Black DJ: 121 New Music "DAVAM"

I met Tallisker and Sūn Jùn about 3 years ago in Brooklyn, NY to record what later became this record. They were visiting New York City and on a creative journey that encompassed music from various cities and countries. I just remember being drawn to Tallisker's vision and passion concerning cross cultural collaboration to bring her musical vision to life.

For this project, the verses were to encompass the underground scenes in Tehran (Iran), Paris and NYC. We were recording in May 2019- so I was deep into EllaMaeFlossie rehearsals for Tea Time. I was also on a very strict water diet and fasting during daylight (for weeks by this time).

I just remember being extremely tired and feeling lethargic on my way to Brooklyn- but immediately feeling rejuvenated once connecting with them.

The thing that I love about Tallisker is that her music is truly dope (Blind is my joint. lol!) and she has both the style and performance charisma to pull in any listener. I feel truly honored to have been a part of this song- and it slaps!!!! Check it out, subscribe, download and follow @tallisker_music (and Roody). Hope that you enjoy DAVAM! Out now, everywhere.

Tallisker - DAVAM feat. Roody & LiKWUiD

Single dispo sur toutes les plateformes :

My Lyrics:

We overcame, don’t wear chains.

Went David Blaine on the whole game

Came back ain’t much change,

Django my accent

I don’t talk a lot, but I walk it out

Mia X that "bout it bout".

We bought the house we bought em out

40 acres -that new south

Hold my mule. Indigo.

Black mixed with Seminole

Too choosy I been chose

On God, that’s biblical

Your tempo on slow mo

But I work with 'em

From Carolina to Glasgow

You Catch the rhythm


VIDEO Directors: Tallisker & Sūn Jùn Producers: Tallisker & YUMYUM Choreographer: Catchy Ematchoua DoP: Ludovic Verwaerde SFX: Nicolas Topor Editing & Color-grading: Tallisker MUSIC Writers: Eleonore Chomant, Robin Ngi, Roody Mahmoudi, Faybeon Mickens Performers: Tallisker feat. Roody & LiKWUiD Producers: Tallisker & Sūn Jùn Mix & Master: Sūn Jùn © ℗ 2021YUMYUM

Remerciements: Gabriel, Pierre-Alexandre, Annie, Dina & Thomas, Raphy & Lola, Anne, Casandra, Matthieu, Time Records

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