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Diary of a Mad Black DJ: 118 The Real Akeelah and the Bee

Rather you're team maxx or team vaxx this is the event for you! Safety first, but we have to 'KEEP ON LIVING' (as my grandma Mickens used to say).

I'm super excited to DJ this event, Akeelah the Bee was a great film for so many reasons (who doesn't love KeKe Palmer? And we just can't get enough of Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett on screen together (from Boyz N the Hood to What's Love Got to Do With It).

We will be outside in Brooklyn Bridge Park this Thursday 6PM, I'll provide some fun tunes as we pre-game the viewing of one of our favorite films (a prequel to our real life Akeela this year.)

Also, I come bearing good news to share a slight change...

hubby and I have decided to cancel our New Orleans date for The Mthrshp. However, we will be giving out our healing self care bags in Brooklyn this Thursday.

When the spike drops and we hit the curb, we will come to New Orleans as promised - but we want to be safe. I'd rather disappoint y'all with a canceled date than with being a hot spot for potential spread of the virus. Our partners informed us of some safety concerns- and we decided to wait for 2022. <3

In the meantime- keep joy 1st. <3 Fay

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