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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 113: Here Comes the Break

Ready or not, here comes the break...BREAK IT DOWN

I've rewritten this post 5 times...

I don't know if I should discuss the future of how we will discover new music (and new artists) as it relates to non traditional methods...

Or if I should mention the overflow of great content being released in 2021, that tell black stories and share joy or hope at the same time.

Maybe I could point out that now, more than ever, art continues to be a safe space and gateway for otherwise uncomfortable conversations.

Ultimately, none of those sentences could fully drive home the true essence of this podcast- and as much as I may suggest to you to see what iHeart, Billboard and Bossip have to say about it- there is only one way for you to truly get the full picture.

Press Play, tell me what you think (leave a comment below).

I personally love the podcast and cannot stop talking about it-Asante Blackk does a wonderful job as the protagonist and each Def Jam artist feature opens up to allow the listener a chance to get to know them a little more...the sound design is popping- it's like dolby digital poured an audio movie in your airpods

1. Please go to (Apple Podcasts) and "subscribe", rate it five stars and leave a quick one sentence review 2. Go to Spotify and "follow' 3. Post the trailer video or poster to your favorite social media platforms with a simple call to action or link to check out the new podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts Feel free to tag the crew: Instagram: @HereComesTheBreak, @DefJam, @AsanteBlackk, @DaniellaPerkins @DoubleElvis @iheartradio

Twitter: @DefJam, @AsanteBlackk, @DaniellaPerkins @iheartradio @DoubleElvisFM

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