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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 112: From the Met to the Met

The first time in my life that I ever saw a gun pointed at me was due to the courtesy of the Richland County Police Department. I was traumatized for a full year. (The second time was courtesy of the NYPD). Both times I was unarmed and both times were during traffic stops...not violations, stops.

This weekend's past events in Columbia, SC, Minnesota, and Chicago coupled with the world waiting to hear if George Floyd will receive justice or not is unnerving, unsettling and unjust.

I have an aunt that lives in the Summit; and my sister and I joined the protestors on Wednesday evening... but ultimately, these means of protest and justice seeking are outdated and quite frankly have been unsuccessful since 1968.

I don't have the answers, yet, so I won't focus on the problem, but I can say the solution will not be found in a march, hashtag or political protest. It will manifest, and I think that 2020 was only the tip of the iceberg.

Now a break for some black joy!!!

(released the 360 video of "Riversde" from Tea Time- move your phone around when you watch it.)

Family, I have some exciting news, my dear friend Josh Henderson and I have been creating music together for some time. He's played on every album of mine since Gummy Bears & Champagne-and the first member of the band. I've been honored to spit some poetry with his band Warp Trio on many stages, tours and for several cool projects (dedications to Dr. King and Nat King Cole - coming soon)

Well, tomorrow, we will (virtually) be performing at the illustrious Metropolitan Museum of Art as a part of the ETHEL and Friends series.

I'm gagging

It starts at 5PM and runs until 530PM. Would love if you could make it. Congrats Josh (please go follow him) and thank you for having me be a part. <3

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