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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 110: Protest Art

Giving Meg, Bey and Kaytranada their flowers for lacing the Grammys this year (and Billie Eilish). Before I write this post, I'm asking myself the same question that every good gawdartist asks herself before she creates...

LOL. And that's on PERIODT! Anyway...

No explanation needed, Resources here: HERE!

My brand of black includes EVERYBODY!!!! - watch out for some of your favorite artists with their conditional "wokeness". You don't get to be an activist only when it "benefits" you. I don't care who didn't speak out, or who sat silent- or whatever excuses y'all saying. If you support any form of racism we can't rock- and I saw those unfollows- I just ain't had time to go through my list...but I do unfollow back (you ain't Beyonce!!!)

Now...the new hot topic is NFTs!

Quick crash course on Non-Fungible Tokens.

(Long version v. Short version)

I learned out about Crypto Art about a month ago and now they are everywhere! Not only are NFTs the ultimate flex for the buyer; it's also the ultimate boss move for the artist. It's a guaranteed lifetime of royalties- it's like if "pay me in equity" were an entity. (Kind of,lol.)

But I think that this is the tip of the iceberg and we are all still figuring this out. It's interesting to watch the hype skyrocket and then dissipate. It's also interesting watching the most outrageous NFTs sell at crazy numbers and to see others sell at a price that's just right.

At any rate, I'm waiting for a time when I can by an NFT galaxy in VR...we'll see...wishful thinking. Ha ha.

But I say that to say: we are truly in a digital revolution. This is the true Age of Aquarius and protest art. Not only is technology breaking the chains of the myth of the "starving artist" (I rebuke that in the Name); it is also building a path to true artist autonomy and cutting out the middle man.

What if Drake dropped an NFT album- and we all owned a piece of it- or if Issa or Lena dropped a film in the blockchain- the only folks that get to see it are those with these tokens- maybe we get to change up the whole film depending on what "layer" is viewable? I don't know- and I'm not versed enough to predict it all.

But man isn't it fun to watch??! other news, I'm releasing a series of beat snippets that I did with an old work colleague. Here is the latest and please follow me on Spotify and follow Teo on Bandcamp!

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