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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 107: Black Church in a Glass House

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Happy Black History month divas, divos and all in between & beyond <3

There are so many things that I want to say before I begin this journal...but before I jump in, as I write this at 3:51 am... if you're having trouble falling asleep due to an irregular sleep pattern, then this beautiful human will surely help to ease your mind as you wind down! Thank you #SilverHare and his wonderful videos.

Secondly, I am officially a part of a podcast and I must say, it was the last place I’d expect to be. (I'm doing another cool thing too-but can't share quite yet. :) Im happy to announce that I’m joining Uzo Omenihu and Chelley Chelle of Lez Talk Radio for the What Is Love Podcast! When Uzo created the concept, I originally thought that I would just be resident DJ/A&R to provide tunes and featured artists. But she also included me in the conversations and it felt great!

I’m very excited to share our first episode and I’m anticipating the season to come. (Proceed with care, there's a an episode about polyamory out there somewhere- needless to say, I've been using the L is for Love "Lovhers" with discretion in the 20's. No shade.) When you get a moment, TAP IN!!! (My shirt is in New York, but I’ll be wearing it next time. Lol.)

Thirdly Chloe Bailey, we love you girl!!! Keep being your authentic self and expressing your sexuality and spirituality as you see fit!

For y'all meanies....shame on you!

Okay, so why have I summoned you to our little weekly/bi-weekly journal-tea? Guuuuuurl, I was talking with a dear friend of mine this past week and she informed me that Da'Brat had come out of the closet on one of those Love and "whatever - insert city here- Hip Hop shows".

After about 10 seconds of silence, she inquired "Hello?", to which I responded "Hey". Bewildered, she continued, "did you hear me, are you still there?" Welllllll, of course, I was, but I had disregarded the comment and continued to do my chores because the thought of Da'Brat "coming out" on national TV as "news" was so jejune that I didn't think it warranted a response.

But as not to leave my love hanging, I just asked "Was it a glass closet? Maybe that was for her and not for us." (She couldn't contain her laughter.)

It made me think about the many "Glass Closets" that we have as a culture, a community and humans. What's painfully obvious to everyone else that we personally decide to hold as our own little internal secret? It doesn't only happen on television, it happens in our homes, our neighborhoods and even in our churches. *GASPS* *GRABS PEARLS* *FAINTS*

"If 'God is Love', how can you teach hatred?" Well, this Saturday we journey into part deux of a three week long discussion around Spirituality (or more specifically CHURCH) and the LGBTQAI community. Let's talk about that pink elephant in the room...voguing, pirouetting, sashaying down the aisle into a fierce DIP right in front of the toxicity hiding in the pulpit.

For far too long, churches have thrived off tithing queer members, 7 day saints (y'all know them- the folx that come to church Monday, Wednesdays and for Friday Night Bible study) and gay contributions (choir can I get an amen- no cap), all while making those same members feel very uncomfortable. And while no church is perfect, it's the "hate sermons" for me: the violence and lack of couth carries the same amount of empathy as a 90's reggae song.

So we're going to have a chat, yeah? Join us Saturday on ClubHouse 1PM EST (10AM PST)and let's talk about it. All humans are welcome, as well as all belief sectors- come as you are. <3

Oh RBG's...don't think I forgot about you. For Black History Month, I want to share 10 Queer Black Folx that I love:

Audre Lorde

Angela Davis

Andrew Gillum

Don Lemon

Rutina Wesley

Bayard Rustin

Alice Walker

James Baldwin <3

Lena Waithe

Lee Daniels

Also as a reminder, we can never undo 529 years of injustice in one year so here are more resources to support, learn about and pass on to the next generation:


(I know this is long, but lastly, did a cool thing with my mom, dad and sister's alma mater - will talk about this more soon. promise! love you. mean it. <3)

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