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Diary of a Mad Black DJ 105: The Day the Chickens Came Home

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

UPDATE: Since this article, News Beat Media has re-released their "Radical Caucasian Extremism" episode! As an artist-in-residence at US News Beat, I was super interested in this topic. I honestly spent about 2 weeks researching Right Wing Radicalism. If you get a moment, please do listen to the episode and subscribe to News Beat!

It's Wednesday afternoon. Day 278ish of quarantine. You’ve had your tea, a vegan lunch and now you’ve decided to roll out that yoga mat for a little afternoon meditative movement. Then, out of nowhere... "Hark, what’s that I hear"? "Dixie Land"? Is that you at the door o’er yonder?


"Chickens Come Home to Roost"


One’s previous actions will eventually have consequences or cause problems for oneself.

In 1809, Robert Southey wrote, “Curses are like young chickens, they always come home to roost” ( The Curse of Kehama). Southey was figuratively describing what young chicks always do at the end of the day- they return home [to sleep]. However, the way that Malcolm used it in 1963 was to as to frankly describe karma and not a curse in that one day America will be "begetting" all the violence it had begotten.

That day wasn't yesterday, but it definitely looked like it:

I'm not here to repeat the sentiments of so many others:

"If they were black.." or "If that was BLM..."

Clearly, we live in 2 Americas, so there's that!

"What's the definition of sedition, again?"

"Where are the 'Blue Lives Matter' People, now?"

Clearly in the crowd (both sides- one unlocking the doors in their badges and one smashing them in dressed in plain clothes.)

if the day the chickens came home was a photo:

I am here to pose other questions instead:

How are you protecting yourself?

What worked and what failed?

How can we make our voices and our actions louder than this mob?

Think about it...

I love you all dearly.


PS. Don't you not never in yearn life message me 'bout destroying no damn property again- yahearme, boi? ( I had to use double negatives and say it in "Dixie" for them to understand. lol)

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