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Dairy of a Mad Black DJ 114: Nobody wants to hear your album

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Or your mixtape... but be clear- WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC!

Why does every label rep have a Tik Tok strategy?

Why are artist selling everything but their souls as NFTs (...well not yet anyway)

Why did Def Jam release a whole podcast series to introduce some of its newest artists?

Think about that-

Lena Waithe

Issa Rae

Childish Gambino...

All of these viable creators- opting for their OWN music supervision?

That's a product of the need for storytelling. Creators want to tell their own stories- and they want to do so uninterrupted. Can that be done in an album?

Yes, of course it can!

But can it be done in a way that is more palatable to today's ever scrolling, ever searching, ever shortening attention spans?

The answer to that is also...

But tell me your unveil?

how can I hear you?

see you?

feel you?

minus 40-60 minutes of my day?

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