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Dairy 218: "Whеn my whole world is set on fire, Don't lеave me alone"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

**this post is releasing two days late- because LIFE- haha. (As a wise Angel once said "I'm doing my best." LOL.)

Download "Alone" by Burna Boy Stream "Make Room" by Jewel the Gem

My annual 60 days off social have been less than successful. Beyond having the daily check-ins of social being sent directly to my phone from loved ones, I’ve also been introduced to the reality that people now use social media as their websites. Therefore, for work I often have to find contact information from link.tree handles (usually posted on Instagram) and email addresses nestled quietly in Twitter bios amongst the chaos and shitstorm courtesy of Tesla’s finest. Let’s just say that this is the first year where I’ve felt like I’ve cheated my 60 days. (A close friend has advised that next year, I just take the weekends off. lol.)

As I sit on this plane heading to my final gig of the year, I can’t help but wonder why do pilots talk like sexy podcast hosts? It’s intense and terrifying at the same time. Like are you awake, sir? Or is this just your normal voice. Are you seducing me to fasten myself in the belt buckle? If so, done and done! The bravado, the audacity. I’m listening. (Speaking of podcasts, check out my favorite end of the year list!)

The past two weeks have been filled with roses and thorns. I am overjoyed that Brittney Griner is back home with her family, and utterly disgusted how Black Facebook (according to my sister) and others are reacting . Further y’all’s favorite molesting uncle had the gall to drop an album, with a clickbait title, from the confines of his 4x9. And lastly as Tory Lamez continues to drag Megan the Glamazon Stallion’s good name thru the mud, we have to sit here and watch his pee brained lawyer try to slut shame a grown woman like it’s 1993.

And if that’s not enough vagina envy for you, Iran - (and I say this as a self proclaimed half agnostic half southern baptist Christian)- has the nerve to use Allah as a scapegoat for their immoral “morality police” killing innocent girls; while their militia has taken to shooting women in the genitalia during peaceful protests! I mean what in the entire fuck?



AND THEN…more people are still managing to put microphones in front of Kanye West, further amplifying his Uncle Tom Coonery (and Foolery). Now, I question is he the crazy one or you? Yes, everyone else knows that the Holocaust was real. We also know that Hollywood was the equivalent of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, but for Jews. The only difference is the yts refrained from drowning the city of LA and did not burn it to the ground.

So, like the Koreatowns, Chinatowns, Williamsburgs and so on, certain Jewish communities like many other minority safe spaces stayed in tact. Hollywood had the benefit of thriving without the interruption of white patriarchal capitalist jealousy and violence; so, now we get to see the labor bare it’s fruits.

But are there a disproportionate amount of non-black people in decision making roles in music, theater, sports, film and television compared to the amount of black roles on the field, the stage and in the show? Yes- this is not news. Is this the fault of another minority community? Absolutely NOT!

Speaking of Jews, one of my least favorite right now is Aubrey- but, I will say that he is the ONLY artist that I can in sound mind separate his art from his person. But the existence of his toxic masculinity and misogyny cloaked in sensitive hymns are sending me…

The average man- excuse me black and Jewish man (#bestofbithworlds)- I said it- does not, and could not possibly understand how hard it is for black women to step forward as a result of ANY kind of violence against her person (sexual or domesticated). Not only do we face the backlash from Black Women that are so blinded by our own trauma of being the Matriarch for black people, especially black men (due to the racial violence against their person at every age window from Jim Crow to the school to prison pipeline to unnecessary violence by sworn civil servants disproportionately enforced on our brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, lovers and cousins), that we treat every black man (even R Kelly) with the care and concern of the soul of Emmett Till, the Exonerated Five or the The Scottsboro Boys.

FURTHER, we receive backlash from white women- who have historically cried wolf so many times that some often unknowingly perpetuate patriarchal practices by blindly weaponizing the “angry black woman” or “Jezabelle” stereotype anytime it serves in their political or corporate favor. To Black Men who believe that all of us should be the Whitney to their Bobby Brown while they drag us physically and spiritually to an emotional and public purgatory at the cost of being a good black woman and “standing by our man”. FUCK that shit.

How does it feel? I’ll tell you. Not good. You wonder why would someone discredit you when they weren’t there? Why wouldn’t they stay neutral at the very least. You lose sleep, faith, ties, friends, gigs, money, credit and at the bare minimum followers… and did I say money.

Not to mention the fact- that you’re a bad bitch and don’t need to lie on anyone because your talent speaks for itself. You have to sit here and answer to a half man with half your credentials and talents because y’all slept together?

No thanks. Unsubscribe. Unfollow. Control-Alt-Delete! Refund. Let me talk to a manager!

This person couldn’t hold a candle (partly because he’s not tall enough) to the eminent light that glows from the inside of you because you are a star. God touch you and you glow. And the world hates it. The men are mad because you outshine them, even when you cast shade.

So, I say glow baby! Give them hell! And I don’t care what the judge says- we’ve seen this before with Queen Anita, Dr. Ford, Jada, all of the sisters that bravely spoke out about WeinSTAIN and dude’s pudding pop- so many times over. I salute you!!! <3

Now here’s some joy, because that was a lot. And we got justice for Atatiana, I think?

Oh and Sony <3 (shout out to my girl Hiroko) Happy Holidays. <3


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