Faybeo'n (Fay) Mickens is a hip hop fusion artivist, DJ, songwriter, music curator, educator, and marketing executive with over ten years of experience, specializing in brand partnerships and collaborations within the audio content field. She was most recently the Senior Director of Marketing at a hit podcast company, where she oversees the marketing strategy and execution for all of the shows within the company’s network including the #1 music and true crime podcast in the nation. 



Prior to working in podcast marketing, Fay worked in a variety of marketing roles within the world of entertainment; most recently at the on-demand fitness studio Aaptiv, where she was a Senior Music Curator, overseeing partnerships and brand initiatives with companies like Warner Music, Sony, Amazon, and Tidal, in order to help increase app subscriber growth by more than 200,000 members. She also spent over seven years at New Era Marketing (formerly NuDawn Entertainment), facilitating the entire marketing and promotion efforts for each city on an artist's tour. Artists Fay worked with included Ne-Yo, Jazmine Sullivan, Joe Jackson, Faith Evans, and more.


Outside of her day job, Fay brings her passion for music into the world through DJing. Known as DJ LiKWUiD, Fay is committed to using her gift of song to empower the portrayal of women in the entertainment industry. As an avid lover of the African American diaspora of music, her style is based around blending beats together as one tapestry of sound; her signature "traphrobeats'' blends house music, hip hop, and afrobeats — three of her loves representing her Gullah ancestry, Harlem influence, and southern upbringing.

Aside from performing worldwide for organizations like Google, Sony Music, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, NextGen, and The Apollo Theater, Fay is also fully committed to combining hip hop and education. She has performed, presented workshops, lectures and participated on panels at various spaces such as Columbia University, BAM, the Eleanor Roosevelt School for Girls, the Hip Hop Culture Center, Uptown Vinyl Supreme, Flocabulary, Comic Con, and more.

Ebony Magazine's Sonic Boom states "she can rap circles around most of everyone's favorite rappers. But she also has a good ear for beats and melodies, so her songs always flow (no pun intended..."

A pupil of both southern soul, gospel and the golden era of hip hop, LiKWUiD's versatile writing style often includes multiple entendres, extended metaphor and religious paradox.  

As a songwriter, her film credits include placements with HBO Latino Films, IFC Films, Oxygen Network, MTV and several indie projects.  LiKWUiD is an Artist in Residence at NewsBeat Podcast, lead emcee for   EllaMaeFlossie and collaborates with bands r.o.t.i (Resilience of the Intelligent)  led by Grammy Award Winning Simon Yu and Warp Trio the brainchild of Joshua Henderson.

Fay is committed to using her creativity to empower the voice of marginalized groups (especially womxn and lgbtqai communities); while utilizing music, art and social justice based artivism to reflect the times.



We call for the end of the murder of innocent black people by sworn civil servants.

We call for change on the federal, judicial and legislative level. 

We call for an end to the funding for the militarization of police officers.

We call for the eradication of laws, practices, sanctions and policies that destroy black communities, communities of color and immigrants (this includes but is not limited to redlining, excessive bail, mass incarceration, stand your ground laws in red states and excessive force used by law enforcement on unarmed citizens.)

We stand with women who have every right to  decide what is best for their  minds, bodies and souls.

Further we stand with all survivors, the youth, the elders and those too afraid to speak up for themselves against the visceral grips of patriarchy and toxic policy.

L is for Love

-Fay 2022


Joy is  a form of protest
Healing is a form of protest
Rest is rebellion.

Rejuvenation  is  a revolutionary  act.

Anytime you can  restore, heal and rejuvenate yourself- you are in  fact actively participating in protest.


Filling up  your cup,  instead of pouring into theirs is REVOLUTION!

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